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Dr Beckmann Colour & Dirt Collector Sheets

Dr Beckmann Colour & Dirt Collector Sheets

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Brand: Dr Beckmann
Size: 10 Sheets
Format: Sheets 

Product Description

Dr Beckmann Colour & Dirt Collector Sheets. It's easy to separate your wash into whites and colours, but what do you do with multi-coloured clothes with stripes, patterns,a mixed load containing different colours or you simply don't have the time to separate? When you wash your clothes, colour and dirt can be released into the water. If this is not collected it can end up back on your clothes, leaving colours dull and less vibrant and whites being discoloured and grey.

These colour & dirt collector sheets contain unique colour collecting molecules, which are dispersed into the water and catch colour runs before they stain your laundry.

Fill your washing machine with laundry and add detergent as recommended. Place 1-2 sheets in the back of your washing machine, depending on the colour intensity of your clothes. Start the desired washing cycle. Remove the sheet at the end of the wash and throw away.