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Duck Liquid Marine 750 ml (Pack of 4)

Duck Liquid Marine 750 ml (Pack of 4)

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Product Information 
Brand: Duck
Size: 750ml x 4
Format: Liquid 

Product Description

  • Want to make sure your toilet is really clean? Duck Deep Action Gel Cleaner provides complete hygiene for your toilet, thanks to its unique shaped neck that allows you to reach better under the rim, leaving your toilet clean and with a fresh long lasting fragrance, and also killing 99.99% of germs and bacteria.
  • Kills 99;99% of germs
  • Packed with uplifting Duck fragrances, no harsh toilet cleaner smell
  • Evenly coats the toilet bowl for 360° coverage, even under the rim
  • Removes soils and limescale/mineral deposits
  • Eliminates odours