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Duzzit Greener Cleaner Cellulose Sponge 2s

Duzzit Greener Cleaner Cellulose Sponge 2s

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Product Information 
Brand: Duzzit
Size: Pack of 2 sponges
Format: Sponge 

Product Description

Duzzit greener cleaner cellulose sponge for the kitchen and for the bathroom combines a cellulose sponge made from 100% sustainable wood pulp, together with a recycled fibre topping. The cellulose sponges which absorbs water can be used to wipe up liquids, and clean most surfaces, whilst the fibre topping can be used to remove more stubborn residue.

  • Designed to help remove stubborn grease and dirt all-around your home.
  • Guaranteed to ease stains and eliminate any gathered bacteria.
  • Removes unwanted marks on all surfaces.