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Girl Online - Girl Online 1 by Zoe sugg Zoella (Hardback)

Girl Online - Girl Online 1 by Zoe sugg Zoella (Hardback)

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Author: Zoe sugg
Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9780141357270
Number Of Pages:
Release Date: 25/11/2014
Product Description: 

You know when you shake a Coke can and then you open it and it explodes everywhere? Well, that’s how I fell right now. I have so many things fizzing up inside of me, but I don’t have the confidence to say them out loud.

In Zoella’s New York Times Bestselling debut, Girl Online, we meet Penny Porter for the first time, a teenager with a secret; using the alias Girl Online, Penny blogs her innermost thoughts and feelings to the world.

Penny treats readers of her blog to the inside scoop on her friendships, her school, her ‘crazy’ family, and the panic attacks that threaten to take over her life – but of course, no one in her day-to-day life knows Penny is ‘Girl Online’.

When her family relocates to New York, Penny meets a handsome, guitar-strumming American called Noah. As she begins to fall in love, she of course captures every moment of it on her blog…

Life, however, is not the perfect picture that it appears to be because, as it turns out, Noah has a secret as well; one that could to ruin not only Penny's anonymity - but  - more importantly - it could destroy her closest friendship too.