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Jolen Facial Wax Strips (pack of 6)
Jolen Facial Wax Strips (pack of 6)

Jolen Facial Wax Strips (pack of 6)

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Product Information 
Condition: new  
Brand: Jolen
Size: 6 x 16 wax strips
Format: Wax Strips 
Manufacturer: Jolen
Barcode: 5060128980566

Product Description

16 Jolen Facial Wax Strips. Removes the hairs from the root, for up to 28 days of smoothness. So it gives confidence to achieve great 1st time results, even for those inexperienced with wax strips. 

Tips for best results:
For great results apply some talc to make sure skin is perfectly dry before waxing.
Always pull back the wax strip against the direction of hair growth, keeping the strip close to the skin as you pull.
The faster you pull, the more hair you'll remove.
Wax in a consistent pattern to make sure you don't miss any hairs, but don't wax over the same area more than once.
You can re-use each strip until it loses the stickiness.